So What do you do?

 The Law Office of Joseph F. Klatt is a litigation-based law firm operating primarily out of La Jolla, San Diego, and Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.  Mr. Klatt practiced extensively in Northern California for almost a decade before returning to Southern California, and keeps strong ties in all parts of California.  His goal is personal, non-pretentious, direct representation of his clients. 

The Office practices primarily litigation, which is simply another term for handling lawsuits and disputes in Civil Courts (aside from Family and Juvenile Courts).  This includes a great deal of diverse litigation. 

Business Litigation

Some of the common litigation cases are business disputes: "business divorce" (partnership disputes, windup and dissolution, buyouts), or "grab and run" cases (misappropriation of trade secrets, violations of non-compete agreements, stealing client lists and key employees, etc.).  But business litigation also includes disputes with neighbors, landlords, and employees (employment litigation, wrongful termination, discrimination).  Joseph can help you with all of these issues.

Creditor/Debtor Litigation

Most litigation is about money, and this leads to some common areas of dispute that revolve just about debts and collection.  These include "collections" suits, broadly termed, which can include business accounts receivable, consumer debt, mechanics and material liens, enforcing judgments, and, of course Bankruptcy.  In collections, "the vulture that eats first, eats best," so whether you are a creditor or a debtor, speed is the key, particularly with the Courts being backed up.  Schedule an appointment now, and get your issue solved before the rush.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation services include representation in landlord/tenant disputes, trespass and boundaryline disputes, purchase and sales agreements, broker and agent commission disputes, nuisance and trespass, and construction disputes, including those between contractors, subcontractors, and materialmen.

Community Disputes

Joseph also has significant experience handling local residential matters: neighborhood law; the things many people think an attorney would be unavailable or too expensive for, such as a neighbor's tree hanging on your roof, an HOA dispute, noise disturbances, dog bites, and payment disputes.  Most of these problems can be solved simply, easily, and cheaply with the right approach.

Attorney Malpractice

The Office will take a limited number of carefully selected attorney malpractice cases.  These cases are carefully screened, as most disputes between attorneys and clients are not malpractice, did not cause actionable damages, or are too late to bring.  Most are really billing disputes that can be resolved with an attorney.  To evaluate any potential attorney malpractice claim, the Office will require an in-depth paid consultation.  Please note that the Office does not take malpractice cases on a full contingency basis, but will work on an hourly basis or, in uncommon cases, a hybrid basis (part hourly fee and part contingency).

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for all of us.  The Office is stretching its resources to provide extended services related to the Coronavirus.  In particular this includes extra attention to landlord/tenant issues, unemployment, creditors, collection, and debtors, and specifically Bankruptcy and its alternatives, as well as Wills, Trusts, and Advanced Healthcare Directives.  Consultations are so available about your COVID-19 stimulus benefits.

If your matter is beyond the Office's resources, it will be happy to help you find another attorney who can assist you.

PLEASE NOTE: this office will not take medical malpractice cases of any sort related to COVID-19 treatments, care or outcomes.  Nor will it take cases against first responders, law enforcement, military, the fire department, or related individuals and agencies working to combat this insidious illness.

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