Policy on Consultation Fees

The Law Office of Joseph F. Klatt charges a fee for its consultations with the exception of those indicated as free.  While Joseph would like to provide free consultations for all potential clients, the sheer volume of requests that he gets would quickly overrun the practice.  At the discretion of Mr. Klatt, consultation fees can be applied towards other legal services that the office is retained for.

Consultation fees are billed in advance.  The consultation is a non-refundable, "true retainer" paid to ensure the attorney's availability during the appointment time.  (Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5(d).)  The consultation fee will be deposited into the Office's operating account.  Unless, under Rule 1.15(b) the client exercises their right to have the consultation fee instead deposited into the Office's Client Trust Account.  Under the same rule, the client is entitled to a refund of any unearned portion of the fee if the representation is terminated before the service is complete.  Please be advised, however, that because the entire fee is earned by the attorney's retained availability for the consultation, not for any specific legal advice, the client will ordinarily not be entitled to any refund even if the consultation finishes early or is terminated by the client. 

By booking an online appointment, you acknowledge that the payment is non-refundable and will be deposited directly into the Office's Operating Account.  If you disagree with these terms or have any questions, please call the Office directly at 858.454.2500.  (2020.04.21 rev.)